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Commercial Properties for Sale and Rent in Margate and Fort Lauderdale, FL

What Is Commercial Real Estate?

Often, business owners setting out to find their first office for rent have many questions about commercial real estate, the most basic of which is what, exactly, falls into that category. Commercial real estate is a term typically used to…

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Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

Everyone knows that location is key when you’re shopping for commercial real estate. Whether you’re simply seeking an office for rent or you’re hunting for commercial land for sale, there’s a lot that goes into determining the ideal location for…

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What’s Next For Margate Under The Moon

Margate Under the Moon is an event series that looks like a lot of fun for residents and their families – and it’s all about staying and buying local, so what could be better!? Sponsored by the Margate Community Redevelopment…

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Were You At Margate’s Big 4th of July Party?

We’ve heard lots of great things about Margate’s recent Independence Day celebration, referred to by MargateNews.net as “Margate’s biggest party of the year.” This year’s celebration seemed extra-special, as we are also celebrating Margate’s 60th. An estimated 6,000+ partygoers were…

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